“Say Yes!” is a life motto for Yael, a certified yoga teacher. She brings her experience with different cultures, her sense of wonder at the variety in the world, and a sense of play into her practice.
Yael's AcroYoga journey began Mother's Day a few years ago. She soon realized that softening and staying in communication were AcroYoga's biggest contributions to her practice, both as a yoga teacher and as a mother. She spots, she fly’s, she bases, and she teaches the fine art of communication to grow our skills in community. You can’t fly yourself, after all - AcroYoga is a co-creation between the participants. As with other relationships, in AcroYoga, we become a reflection of each other.
Yael brings her attitude of "Say Yes!" into her yoga practice and encourages her students to live their dreams, making her classes accessible to students of any level through the philosophy and principles of yoga alignment and partner work.
Yael hopes to inspire thoughtfulness and a sense of possibility that translate into daily life and relationships.
Yael thanks her teachers from different disciplines that have challenged her to expand her limits and encouraged her to explore new horizons.
Yael is an RYT500, AcroYoga® certified, Anusara Inspired™, Thai Yoga teacher.