One door closed the other is open

This is the first entry to my blog and newsletter. Like all new beginning there is excitement mixed with some nervousness. In the yoga tradition Ganesh is the god that sits at the threshold, he is the remover of obstacles. In his lower right hand he holds his broken tusk, which he used to write the Mahabharata. In his lower left arm he holds sweets (Modaka) symbolism of the sweetness of realizing ones inner Self. Left top arm, an axe, with, he can strike and repel obstacles and cuts bonds of attachment. In the upper right hand he holds a rope to pull one closer to his highest goal. With his trunk seeks the bowl of sweets while keeping aiming to the highest.Since we are every character in the story, as one door closes and a change is coming in our life, we are invited to look for the sweets not forgetting the highest from within. Change is inevitable in our life. It is an illusion is that the world is stable. As we go through our life, may we bound to the sweet not forgetting the heights.

This specific statue of Ganesh I got many years ago when traveling to Kathmandu, Nepal. At the time I wasn't close to yoga. This specific piece struck my eyes with its beauty, it called me. I resisted its call and only coming back to Kathmandu I soften and got it. Now that I'm familiar with the symbolizing it represents it become even sweeter. May this post be an opening to many more shares. Schedule:World Yoga Center, 265 West &2nd st, NYTuesday 4:30pm - Therapeutics YogaWednesday 12:30pm - Lunchtime YogaPrivate Yoga Instruction by appointment: Private sessions are designed exclusively for your level of experience and the issues you wish to address.

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