Happy Diwali,

Today the Diwali holiday is celebrated throughout India. This holiday marks the beginning of the year according to the Hindu calendar. The Diwali is celebrated by families coming together and lighting little ceramic lanterns decorating the house.Diwali is celebrating the victory of Rama over Ravana the daemon head and his journey back home with his beloved wife Sita. The army of monkey marked their way back home (the Self) with many lights (the light of enlightenment) to celebrate their union (the feminine and masculine aspect within us, the balanced unity).Diwali is a great opportunity to realign ourselves toward some new adventures.So many exciting offering are on the horizon:

1. I have a new class at 7:00AM on Wednesdays called Strong core Soft Heart - The Self is the constant unchanging aspect of our being and the source of our inner wisdom. Yoga invites us to live life from that source. When we strengthen the core of our bodies while staying open, aware and flexible to all that life asks of us, we train ourselves to bring forth this wisdom. We will develop core strength in this class.

2. If you are a late riser, join my Wednesday’s 12:30PM class at World Yoga Center.

3. Recently I did training for yoga for cancer. I’m so excited to see how Yoga, in all its aspect, can be of help for cancer patients and survivors. I’m looking forward to expand my offering in this direction as well.

4. I’m working on a new workshop “Advancing into Handstand”. The workshop will be open to ALL levels of practice.Handstand is a very powerful pose. It stretches our inner boundaries as much as our physical. It changes our perspective on the world physical and emotional. It strengthens the upper body and at the same time brings relief to the neck and head, drains lymph from the legs and reliefs pressure in the belly. A huge advantage of handstand over other inversions is that it can be done whenever and wherever you are.If you are interested, email me or stay tuned to publication.

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