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Passover is around the corner and it brings me to resonate with the phrase בכל דוד ודור צריך לראות כאילו יצא ממצרים - You shall tell your child on that day, saying, 'It is because of what the LORD did for me when I came out of Egypt.'" (Exodus 13:8) one of the famous reading from the Hagada, the scripture we read at Passover.The invitation is that every generation, every person has to do his/hers own inner inquiry and walk the path to become free in his own land. You can't rely on previous generation t o do your "work". Only by your inner study, getting to know yourself better you can find freedom in this world and limit you’re suffering.In the body, when we practice again and again there is a muscular remember-ness that frees the mind and we can become more aware to the details. It's like learning to ride bikes, at the beginning you are all focused on keeping your balance but once you have it, you can start to enjoy the road.Same is with the mind, we create patterns in our minds. Ways we react. We become accustom to them and start to believe 'that's the way I am' 'I can never change' but if this patterns bring us suffering they don't serve us anymore? How can we reprogram out mind?The Niyamas, the do's of yoga, also offer us ways for freedom. One of them is Svādhyāya many times translated as self-study or study of the scripture. The repetition day after day of the Vedas, of a same scripture, of a same sequence is an invitation to go deeper and deeper in our understanding of the nature of the Self. We are calming the mind from the struggle to cope with new information and so we can get clearer vision of our inner nature, we can enjoy the ride. We can come out of our own slavery and become free. We can live to our full potential.This month practice will be about bringing freedom in our body, working into handstands. We’ll use the same opening sequence throughout the month to get the body familiarized with the form so we can work on refining the actions in the poses.This month Asana practice:Lung x3 breathJump switch the legs 3 timesTo add:Short Down Dog3 legged down dogKeep shoulders over wrists, elbows straight - jump switch the legs in the air scissoring the legs. Eco Challenge:As the holidays approaching, school is off, be compassionate to your family. When you have the urge to react, breath and choose your why to act. Stay in the practice of learning.

Schedule:Tuesdays 12:30pm open level World Yoga Center

Wednesdays 7:00am early bird open level at World Yoga Center

Sub’s at the JCC - so stay tuned via Facebook for notifications I still have some opening for privates as well. Privates are a great opportunity to go deeper in the practice, either to challenge yourself or overcome an injury. Contact me Yoga@BenReuven.com

4/17 6:30pm Studio Tchelet, Kfar Sirkin, Israel


I'll be traveling 3/22-30 and you'll have great guess teachers Julia and Jana taking care of you.

4/12-22 Guess teachers will be announced. Happy Holidays.

Namaste Yael

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