February Began with a great triumph and dissolved in piles of snow.

The first weekend I was honored to introduce AcroYoga at The Fairfield Hot Yoga Studio. We had a great time spotting, flying, basing and playing our edge. Softening and being receptive, when the natural reaction tends to be a strength and effort, led to great successes. Looking forward to come and play with you in the near future. More pictures here

The rest of the month was up and downs climbing over mountains of snow, crossing ice water puddles physically and emotionally. This leads me to this month contemplation. It's been a challenge, snowstorm after cold wave after snowstorm, our minds play the trick, we forget that our true nature is light. Our body, our mind gets hooked on the cold and darkness and wants to shut down and withdraw. The Yoga teacher tells us that the sun always shines even when clouds are covering the light of the heart. Even when it's dark at night the sun still does its own thing of shining, just in another place. This is not personal, why do I deserve to be left here in the dark? This is not to punish us because we did something bad. This is its nature. There is an advantage in being in the dark. You can get a good sleep. One can go inside and have a quieter time to contemplate and gain strength before the spring and summer will come and we’ll all be outward going again.

Stay warm, cuddle up

More good things are on the way


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