April Newsletter

Happy Holidays!

"Put a fish on land and he will remember the ocean until he dies. Put a bird in a cage, yet he will not forget the sky. Each remains homesick for his true home, the place where his nature has decreed that he should be."

Master Han Shan

The month of April is in the sign of liberation and freedom. The earth circles into the spring and new growth and blossoming is all around us. Passover, Lent and Easter, Ayurvedic cleansing all connected to cleaning, creating new opportunities for freedom.

On Passover, every year, each one of us, is obliged to read the story of the exile from egypt and the 10 plagues that were forced on the egyption. Why? Our inherent nature is free, as we become adjusted to living in society we put vailes and boundaries on this freedom. We become slaves of our own thoughts, the practices are here to help us become free. The invitation to repeat the story again and again is to remind us of the hardship it takes to become truly free. a reminder to each one of us not to slave ourselves to our thought pattern, our own cage that we create around us.

New Class is coming end of April.

Monthly AcroYoga class at Jackrabbit on the UWS, 140 W72nd st.April 30th 6:30-7:30pm, R.S.V.P. tocustserv@jackrabbitsports.com

Mother Loving AcroMay 11th, 10:00am-12:00pm

My AcroYoga journey started on Mother's Day. I replaced breakfast in bed for a risky dip into AcroYoga. My biggest fear was that I wasn't strong enough. It has been a journey of softening, learning to realize what I need and to ask for it in a way that will get me support. I replaced my need to “solve it myself” with a cooperation with others that were always there for me.

AcroYoga is about communication and dialogue, and so is motherhood. We are not lifting our lives alone. We are part of communities and families, pulling together to lift us up. We are all children of mothers in all manifestations.

Honoring the lineage of Mothers, friends and teachers that brought us here.

Join us on Mother's Day, May 11th 2:00-4:00pm, to my Acroversary, for 2 hours, as we practice listening and creating better communication through our bodies.

Come two generation together and pay just for one (bring your mother, teen or sibling with you)

We'll combine some solar, strengthening practices, with some lunar softness and compassionate practices.

Om Factory Fashion District. Click to register

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Happy Passover and Easter





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