Happy Solstice - June 2014 Newsletter

Happy Solstice

June is winding down fast, the end of another school year, the longest day in the year, times of transitioning.

I started the month in the Israeli Acro convention. I met a lot of great Acro’ies, many great teachers with various teaching backgrounds, it brings a feeling of growth. One of the things that strike me again, is the importance of spotting. We created teams for a short while, maybe one transition, maybe a full 90 min class. Even though we introduce ourselves by names at the beginning, usually half way in, we are so engaged in our body, I forget my partners' names. And still we trust each other fully. What makes this accessible is the support we get in the trio, the trust we build with each other, the communication we create verbal and nonverbal.

Times of transitions can feel unsafe and un-grounding, scary and at the same time exciting. It is an opportunity to grow. Yoga is to unit. Unite with others that can help us, be there for us, support us. Sometime the spotting we need is what we call “hot potato spotting” hand are almost touching and the spotter gives tiny queues just to get back in balance. I find this kind of help much more difficult to ask for in my life. The simple help when, I can’t make it by myself, it's too big for me - is the obvious one. This ‘hot potato’ support is a dance. I need the support, but I actually want to do it by myself. This is an art. How to advise your kids so they can listen to you. How to verbalize the help you need. This ‘hot potato’ spotting is about listening, the stillness between one breath to the other.

The art of Thai & Fly has been a great way for to listen more with my energy body rather than with the ears. It’s been an expansion of sensitivity to the nuance of my partners and I can be more accurate with my spotting - “Spotting” end of school, a move to a new apartment, a crisis in life or just a pose.

Happy summer, Namaste Yael www.YogaYael.com



Jack Rabbit Thai and Fly.

The same way you’re never too dirty to take a shower, you’re never too tight to find new ways to soften. AcroYoga is a partner practice that integrates the art of yoga, acrobatics, and Thai massage.

In this class we’ll explore the art of listening and opening through some basic principles of Thai massage sequence that will prepare us for a short sweet therapeutics flying. The class experience fosters a safe, fun-filled, heart-opening community experience. No partner necessary!

Monthly AcroYoga class at Jackrabbit on the UWS, 140 W72nd st. June 25th 7:00-8:00pm, R.S.V.P. tocustserv@jackrabbitsports.com




-Tuesday- Lunch Special 12:30pm (World Yoga Center) -Wednesday- Early Bird 7:00am (World Yoga Center) -Thursday - Basic Acro 1:15pm (OmFactory USQ)

-Privates & Therapeutic Yoga by appointments.


AcroYoga UWS

Jne 25th, 7:00-8:00pm Jackrabbit, 140 W72nd st.

AcroYoga 101 July keep in touch for more details

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