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1st of September was, traditionally, for me, the beginning of school. It marks the end of the summer, and what a great summer this was. Still riding on an Acro high from the NY Acrofest. This year's logo was Make Magic Happen - and Magic it was. An amazing lineup of teachers, I was honored to be part of. An amazing group of students that we're committed to creating the magic by being tuned to each other and keeping safety while having fun. Acrofest was the cherry on the cake of this whole summer. I developed a training relationship with new bases. In this process I found myself in many situations where I felt vulnerable, exposed, open, trusting, trusted, communicating openly and clearly. So much growth. There were many moments when I felt scared. Feeling of unworthiness, touching my edges, being alive! This kite in the picture, was a present to a friend many years ago. It is not a Washi Washi kite. It needs strong winds to fly. It needs a strong string and a strong kiter. I kept this image with me this summer as a reminder of the difference between a plastic bag, or a kite lets loose and this magical kite in the air. A kite needs a string! It remains anchored to the ground. Only when it is anchored, can it fly high. So are we as practitioners. As long as we are anchored in LOVE, grounded in what's important to us in life, we can fly. If we lose our grounding, our connection to our own hearts, we become a drifter. To keep the magic going, here are some new fall offering.

New AcroYoga Class, new studio, new community! Starting Sep 4th.

Thursday 8:00-9:30pm, at Twisted Trunk Yoga, 580 Broadway, 2nd floor. Build strength, Acquire softness, Be in community!

Our spiritual journey is being enhanced by our friends support and reflection in AcroYoga practice. We'll learn to spot, fly and base, increasing the art of communication. Learning to listen with all our senses, be clear in our instruction and feedback both giving and receiving. Acro is a co-creation of the participant, 'cause you can't fly yourself!In this Thursdays night, 8:00-9:30pm we'll play with some strength drills, learning to use our core for stability. Solar spoting, flying and basing - yes, that refers to all those cool YouTube videos you thought you can never try. And we'll finish with a soft Thai & Fly Lunar practices to end your day on a sweet note.No partner is needed! Pre-requisite - open mind and a smile.Drop In Rate: $2210 Class Card: $190 (valid for 3 months)20 Class Card: $340 (valid for 5 months)Monthly Unlimited: $220

Lunch time Acro at OmFactory- time change!

Thursday 12:15-1:30pm, atOmFactory flight school 873 Broadway, 2nd floor. Build strength, Acquire softness, Be in community!

We adjusted the class time to match with your lunch break, have enough time after to get to school pickups, so come play with us while the day is still up. Longer class so now we have time to wrap up our solar practice with some Thai and leg love.

Wanderlust 108


Acro crew will be playing, creating magic, preforming and demoing at Wanderlust 108. To join us, you need to pre-register for free at the link.

AcroYoga 101

Sun Date: Sep 21, 2014 to Sep 22, 2014 From: 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM

In this workshop we'll deepen into the principles of AcroYoga. The sweet combination of softness, Thai massage, strength, Acrobatics, all in joyful communication - the essense of Yoga.

By breaking the acrobatic skills down into manageable elements with a yogic perspective, it all becomes possible. Rounding out with the softness of guided Thai massage and therapeutic flying to leave you refreshed.

Come on your own, with a partner, bring friends… the more the merrier.

Pre-requisites: An open mind, courageous heart and willingness to trust and be trust worthy. $50

Namaste Yael

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